Show Us Your Books: September


by JM Darhower

Read a review of J.M. Darhower's Ghosted.

Ghosted is a wonderful story about young love, following your dreams, and the hope that everyone deserves a second chance. Darhower has given us a story about hard work, family, and she even threw in some pretty steamy sexiness. At the same time and more importantly, she has also given us a story with poignant and visceral commentary on important contemporary issues many families face. Darhower tackles some of the ugly situations of physical abuse, substance abuse, and being a single parent. She does it in a way that will make your heart bleed, but still have hope.

Hollywood Dirt

by Alessandra Torre

Read reviews of Alessandra Torre's Hollywood Dirty.

Hollywood Dirty is an enemy to lovers tale with the passion that can only be found in the south. Torre connects two characters that cannot be any different, the underachieving Summer with the fantastical Cole Masten (he’s so important people call him by both his names). Their connection starts more like a collision when egos and tempers collide leading to combustible sexual tension.


by TM Frazier

Read our review(s) of TM Frazier's Outskirts

When Finn finds Sawyer camped out in his front yard he is none too happy. She’s encroaching on his land and his privacy. She’s too innocent and too vulnerable and, she needs to go before Finn is the one taking advantage of her.

Tommy Boy

by Sloane Howell

Read a review of Tommy Boy: A Panty Whisperer Prequel, by Sloane Howell. 

Tommy is your typical college student. It is just ask likely that he can be found drinking as studying. CC is not your typical coed. She’s a fan of Star Wars and all the best retro video games, basically she’s the perfect woman. As it goes with young love, the two connect pretty quickly and catch themselves fighting the urge to get too serious too fast.

Time Square

by Jana Aston

Read our review of Time Square by Jana Aston. 

Laura just got dumped her fiance. The fiance she moved from Iowa to New York to be with. Now, she has a boss she hates, and lives in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment with three other women. Yes, four women one bathroom is the stuff nightmares are made of. Through a series of unfortunate events she is now having the worst day ever. Of course she has to meet a hot guy on the subway, and of course she has to be wearing a wedding dress.

Dear Bridget, I Want You

by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Read a review of Dear Bridget, I Want Youby Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland.

The first time Bridget and Simon meet during an uncomfortable chance meeting in the emergency room. Bridget is a patient for a comically awkward reason, and Simon is the attending physician. There may be sparks, but despite his best effort, this is not a laughing matter. The second time Bridget and Simon meet they find out they have unwittingly agreed to be roommates. Bridget has a large home with lots of extra space, but could use a little support in the cash flow department. Simon is looking for a suitable and temporary living arrangement. Their second encounter isn’t any less awkward or uncomfortable. Now these two have to find a way through the discomfort because not only do they live together, but they work together too. Their both professional adults and should be able to make it thought this just fine. Besides, it’s only temporary...right?

The Choices I've Made

by JL Berg

Read our review of The Choices I've Madeby J.L. Berg. 

Jake and Molly have been together since they were kids even planning their interconnected future. When Jake’s mother passes and he decides the only way he can cope is to leave the island. Molly knows that she has to stay. 10 years pass before Jake returns home to settle his father’s affairs, when he arrives he finds things are not the same as when he left. Including his first love’s engagement to his childhood friend Dean. But, everyone's plans change with a blink of an eye.

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