Show Us Your Books: October

Gay for Pay

by Sam JD Hunt

Read a review of Gay for Pay by Sam JD Hunt.

Caleb Drake is a hot-shot lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. Well, he was a hotshot lawyer, now he is waiting for the hearing to find out if he is going to be disbarred. His soon-to-be ex-wife is engaged to marry some old man judge. And, if that’s not enough, the bills are piling up.

Caleb’s life has stalled and out, and during his epic pity party he decides to use his best assets to get him through and he tries his hand at internet porn. One thing leads to another, and the next thing he knows he’s being recruiting by John Butters, producer of gay-for-pay porn. Just when he starts to pull his head above water Derek Johnson his former college roommate comes back into town and threatens to change everything.

Skin Deep

by Alice La Roux

Read a review of Skin Deep by Alice La Roux.

Since the moment they met at a trade show Avalon has intrigued Zeke. Her carefully crafted persona is juxtaposed by the original art work hidden beneath her clothes. Original art put there by Zeke himself. But what happens when the session is over? It’s late at night, and no one is around.

La Roux’s writing style is captivating. She’s definitely one to watch.

Slip of the Tongue

by Jessica Hawkins

Read a review of Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins. 

Nate and Sadie have enjoyed five years of marital bliss, but now there is something between them. Sadie doesn’t know what it is and Nate isn’t ready to talk about it. But, the distance between them is growing. When Finn moves in across the hall he and Sadie find an easy companionship right away. Finn is able to give Sadie the attention she is missing from Nate. When the sparks start to fly between them Sadie has to decide if she can fight for the man she’s tied to or start something new with the man who wants her in this story of forbidden love.

Slip of the Tongue is torturous and beautiful, and it left me with a major book hangover. Since I wasn’t ready to let go of Nate and Sadie and Finn I stopped over at Hawkins website to check out all of her inspiration examples. She’s got a pinterest board and playlist and it all exactly what I pictured. Now, I want to attend a dinner party at Jessica’s house!

Margaritas By Moonlight

by Chris Genovese 

Read a review of Margaritas by Moonlight, Maybe Mandy 2 by Chris Genovese. 

It’s Cancun, and there are lots of hot guys for the group to have fun with, including a hot flight attendant on the flight out. Not all of the hot guys work out as the sexual conquests they plan. Mandy just might find what she was looking for in the polite and handsome Valentino.

Hooking Up

by Helena Hunting

Read a review of Hooking Up by Helena Hunting.

Amie married well. On the day of her wedding, while still in her bridal gown, just hours after binding herself to him, Amie and the rest of the wedding guests hear Armstrong getting off with someone that’s not Amie. What a better way to escape the catastrophic wedding than the pre planned exotic honeymoon?

Hot to Date A Douchebag, The Learning Hours

by Sara Ney

Read a review of the audiobook How to Date a Douchebag The Learning Hours by Sara New. 

Rhett’s roommates want to help get him laid, against his will. Their first attempt is a poster with Rhett’s picture and phone number hung up around campus. The amount of text messages with pictures and offers that flood in is overwhelming. But, there’s one texter that’s not like the rest. What starts out as texting turns into something Rhett never expected, and may not be ready for in this role reversal rom-com.

Hard Wood

by Lauren Blakely

Read a review from Hard Wood by Lauren Blakely.

Patrick has a major crush on Mia, his friend and neighbor’s little sister. He’ll have no problem keeping his distance since she lives on the other side of the country. That is until she hires his company for a corporate retreat. Now he has to stay away from her or he’ll be breaking his own rules in this friends to lovers rom-com.

Mr. Big

by Nana Malone

Read a review of Mr. Big by Nana Malone.

Emma and Zack grew up together. Zack was best friends with Emma’s two brothers, and as the little sister she tagged along. Now that Emma is moving to London her brother Steven has asked Zack to keep an eye on Emma. When the two spend time together they quickly realize there may be something between them. Can they be together despite their past and Zack’s secrets, in this forbidden love story?

Ruthless King

by Meghan March

Read a review of Ruthless King by Meghan March.

Keira’s recently deceased husband didn’t just cheat on her, he siphoned money from the distillery, and he signed a half a million dollar promissory note to the kingpin of New Orleans’s underworld. Now that he’s gone, Keira is left with a struggling business and a debt to the notorious Lachlan Mount.

If Fifty Shades of Grey made you blush, this is not the book for you. This book is for people who don’t mind stories that are gritty, angsty, or dark and twisty. This isn’t your grandma’s romance. This is a new and darker side to Meghan March!

Veil of Darkness 

by Derek Adam

Read a review of Veil of Darkness by Derek Adams.

When Luca’s receives a call from the sheriff of his hometown, the paranormal activity he finds in the cabins by the lake includes a sexy paranormal mercenary. With all the gifts of this rag tag team the force that is coming is stronger than they’ve experienced before in this paranormal romance that is only the beginning.

If you’re in the mood for PNR with a little emotion and just a hint of steam this is the book for you.

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