Show Us Your Books: November

Holiday Wishes 

by Jill Shalvis

Read a review of Holiday Wishes by Jill Shalvis. 

Sean and Lotti met in high school and even enjoyed a whirlwind romance of young love. The young couple is torn apart when Lotti’s family moves out of the city. She’s heartbroken when Sean doesn’t return her calls or her letters. They find themselves in an unexpected reunion when Sean’s soon to be sister-in-law wants to have her bachelor/bachelorette weekend. Has enough time past for these once lovers to rekindle this holiday season?  

If you’re in the mood for a sweet and steamy quickie, this is just the book for you.

A Steel Heart

by Amie Knight

Read a review of A Steel Heart by Amie Knight.

Everyone should read this book. This book is a message of love and hope and healing. Who doesn’t need a story about that.

Miranda and Holden are neighbors in a small complex. Everyday Miranda watches out her window as to watch her hot neighbor on his way to his workout. Then she watches him leave for at 3:00 for a daily appointment. She never speaks to him, just enjoys the view. When she decides to confront the hot neighbor for being a “butt head” to Willie boy who lives downstairs, she gets more than she bargained for.

The Other Brother 

by Meghan Quinn

Read an excerpt from The Other Brother by Meghan Quinn. 

It's been three years since I'd seen Aaron Walters, and my God is he all kinds of sexy gorgeous. Figures. He was supposed to be my forever, the man I grew old with, but he had different plans. How can a man who ripped my heart apart still trip me up? How can he make me still want him now more than ever?

I’m tempted, I’m drawn toward him, I’m completely and utterly unaware that I’m dating his biological brother.


by Ella Frank

Read a review of Tate by Ella Frank.

This series is for anyone interested in LGBTQ reads and loves a good, pure love story.

When Logan walks into Tate’s bar everything changes from one-night stands, to sharing a night stand. Logan finds a new side of himself, a soft and caring side, one that will do anything for Tate. Tate’s set big goals and is man enough to left his man support him. Together they make an unstoppable force, bound together by their love, they face everything that comes their way in this heart ache inducing M/M romance series.

The Outliers

by TM Frazier

Read a review from The Outliers by TM Frazier.

If you are interested in stories that are a little gritty, dark and twisty, but aren’t sure, this is a great book to start with. It’s got just a touch of angst, and a douch of grime, but it’s so worth it.

Sawyer Dixon was running from a life of oppression disguised as religion. She found the strength to leave after her mother passed away, and she no longer had a reason to stay. In her quest to escape she ran right into the arms of Finn Hollis. Finn wanted nothing more than to be left alone in the swamp to grieve his own loss. Now that they’ve found each other Sawyer and Finn and heal each other. But things are never as calm as they seem in the swamp and everyone has to beware of what’s just around the bend.


by Willow Winters

Read our reviews of Damaged by Willow Winters.

This book is for those of us that love a good story and don’t mind a little heartache in our romance.

Katherine and Evan were instantly attracted to one another. Their courtship was unconventional and they grew closer by leaning on each other during hard times. After five years of marriage they’ve started to grow apart. How do you know when it’s time to fight and when enough is enough and it’s time to let go?  

Shacking Up 

by Helena Hunting

Read a review of Shacking Up by Helena Hunting.

If you’re looking for a fun and loveable story with steamy sex scenes, you should read this book.

Baincroft and Ruby have mutual acquaintances. His cousin is marrying her best friend. So it’s only natural that they meet at the engagement party. What’s unusual is how they meet, lips first. When a case of cold medicine mixed with Scotch leave Bane not in his right mind, he mistakes Ruby for his overly forward date in a semi private hallway. This sets up a course of events that turns these strangers to friends in this funny and sexy accidental love story.

Free Ride

by MN Forgy

Read a review of Free Ride by MN Forgy.

If you like things a little dark and a little twisted, you should totally read this book. With more personalities there is more emotion, and more hot and steamy sex.

Harley wants to be a part of the Shadow Keepers Motorcycle Club, like an actual member. But, it’s against the rules. So, she devises a plan and sets out to prove herself. One thing she forgets in her plan is her medication. The craziness is elevated when her alternate personality Farrah comes to light. Farrah is Harley’s opposite in every way. She even craves a kind of attention that is against Harley’s wishes. Can Benji save Harley and Farrah before she does something that can’t be undone in this psychological romantic suspense?


by CD Reiss

Read our review of Bodyguard by CD Reiss.

This book is an amazing story, and anyone that loves romance will love this book!

When the order of protection expires on Emily’s stalker ex-boyfriend, Darlene gets very protective. She assigns the best of her security team to look out for her best friend. Can Carter keep his attention on his job when Emily catches his eye in this forbidden love story?

Her Russian Returns

by Red Phoenix

Read a review of Her Russian Returns by Red Phoenix.

You should read this book if you have already started the series of Brie's Submission and are interested in the BDSM theme.

Rytsar has found himself in a cold dark dungeon that he is not the master of. Starving, broken and near death an unlikely furry friend finds him and helps him hold on a little longer, until someone of the human persuasion can come set them both free.
Now healing back on the state's with Thane and Brie, Rytsar is determined to prove his honor, worth and loyalty.

In Sir's Arms

by Red Phoenix

Read a review of In Sir's Arms by Red Phoenix. 

Anyone who has completed the first 14 books of this series and who is eager to read about BDSM and action.

Sir Davis is healing from his wounds after the plane crash and is determined more than ever to eliminate the threat to Brie and their daughter. But when Brie doesn't let him, or his team, take life into their own hands, they must get creative. Thankfully Rytsar is always close by, finding a temporary solution, we wait to see what becomes of this evil.

Real Dirty

by Meghan March

Read a review of Real Dirty by Meghan March. 

If you’re looking for a swoon worthy audiobook, Real Dirty will deliver.  

When the paparazzi start to swarm Boone’s friend and opening act Zane Frisco takes him to the perfect hiding place, the Fish Bowl. It’s a run down bar in the heart of downtown Nashville. It’s perfect because it’s quite and run by Ripley the sassy bar keep. Needless to say Boone and Ripley don’t hit it off well. When Boone tried to help the struggling bar the plan backfires and may set them down the road to closing faster than expected, and only serves to drive a wedge between Boone and Ripley.

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