Wolf Prey by Nina West

by Nina West

This is the third book in the Wolf Cove series. 

Wolf Prey is the third installment of the Wolf Cove series. The story picks up with Henry helping to rush Abbi home after her father is in a serious accident. During the flight their flight the couple reconciles their relationship with understanding of a difficult long distance relationship ahead of them. Not only will the couple be separated, but Abbi will have to deal with her overprotective, disapproving mother, and Jebb the philandering ex-boyfriend.

Nina did a great job with this story, capturing all the worst parts of women in their early twenties. She takes paints the painful insecurities of relationships for twenty something women.  What really can Abbi contribute to the relationship, and how long will that keep Henry interested. But, she also illustrates the struggles of what it is like to come into your own a woman, leaving behind the concern for family approval. The Wolf Cove series is a coming of age tale about a young woman from a small town. Wolf Prey is about how to remain true to the person you want to be when you return home. 

One of the things that I love about the Wolf Cove series are the characters. And by that I mean that I hate Abbi’s passive aggressive mother. If she were a real person I would find enjoyment in offending her conservative and selfish sensibilities. I’ve never lived in a small town, and the Mama Mitchell’s of the world are the reason why.

Something you won’t expect from this trope about a small town girl is the amount of deviant sex. Usually the sexual exploits comes from the rich and entitled older man. Although Henry is half of the starring cast in several of his stories steamy scenes, he is not the impetus to some of the more perverse acts in this story. Everyone seems to be a little uninhibited.

Wolf Prey is a great story with sexy scense and an emotional rollar coaster. I can’t wait to see how Abbi and Henry handle the next hurdle. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.