REVIEW: The Truth About Him


By M. O'Keefe

Dylan Daniels has a second chance at life, and a second family. His rough childhood lead him to take the wrap for a car theft gone bad and to commit murder while in prision. After leaving prison he turns his life around, thanks to the help of the family that took him in.

Annie McKay is running from her life and looking for a second change. Her ailing mother convinces her to marry Hoyt. As the years go by the relationship goes bad. Hoyt is physically and mentally abusive and Annie begins to think the only reason Hoyt is around is to collect on the value of the land Annie inherited. Just as Dylan and Annie start to connect Hoyt finds her, and he wants his wife to come home.

Dylan and Annie are fighting against their pasts. Histories that could take away their happy ending. They may not have the opportunity to deal with their past, because now there are more dangers to defend against.

I did not read the previous book Everything Left Unsaid before reading the Truth About Him. I don’t think it detracted much from the story. The connection between Dylan and Annie was illustrated pretty well. I do think a little more time could have been spent on Annie’s background and her life on the farm. This would help to give a little more context on her struggles, and help the reader understand Annie’s intentions.  

I try not to get hung up on the details, but there were a few that had me rolling my eyes. For example, less than 48 hours out of the hospital for a stab wound and Dylan is having sexual relations, diving into a swimming hole? Talk about germ city.

Dylan’s story is told in the first person, and Annie’s story is told in the third person. I am sure that O’Keefe had a reason for this, but I had a difficult time with the point of view switch.

Even though I had a few difficulties with some of the details, The Truth About Him is an enjoyable read with lots of twists and turns, action and passion.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.