REVIEW: Tattooed Emotions

Tattooed Emotions by Alicia Rae

By Alicia Rae

This is the first book in the Tattooed Billionaire series.

Raelyn Jennings is surviving cancer. Her fiance left when he learned of her prognosis. Despite how grim her situation got, she was strong enough to beat cancer and is now in remission. As she settles back into life after cancer, she learns her business partner has been stealing from a client. 

I’d been given an estimated six months to live, if the tumor proved to be unbeatable. a mere six month-that was it. At that time, I’d only ad half of a year to scratch off every single dream on my bucket list.

Damien Haethman has just discovered his friend/accountant is stealing from him, to the tune of $67,584.43. When he meets with the firm's partner to confirm his suspicion he is bewildered by Raelyn and falls for her quickly. However, winning Raelyn will be quite the challenge without sharing his past demons. 

His dark brown hair shone in the natural lighting beaming in the through the glass, nearly making him glow. His shoulders and arms filled out every perfect inch of his back suit in all the right ways and narrowed in at his waist. his posture radiated strength and confidence that was palpable in the room. 

Embezzlement, cancer, abuse...This book runs the gamut of crisis points. It also has one really hot billionaire and plenty of hot sex. I struggled with the story early on as there were anomalies in the details. After pushing past I was delighted to encounter compelling characters and an emotionally charged story. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.