REVIEW: Stirred Up

Stirred Up by SE Hall and Angela Graham

by S.E. Hall & Angela Graham

This is a standalone short story.

when he decided to join my brother as the dynamic duo of tormentor who created their very own version of Fear Factor… where I was the only contestant every damn episode. Since then, he’d become the bane of my existence

Dylan, Brady and Addison have been friends for 16 years. Even though Brady isn’t related to Dylan and Addison the three grew up together, and they are close. They have inside jokes and traditions. They know each other, and they know a lot about each other. They have the kind of bond it takes a lifetime to create.

Brady, Dylan and I have had a long standing Thursday night date at Tiko’s since I was old enough to drink. We prep for the upcoming weekend-Fridays rock on their own, so we steal an extra day-with margaritas, Mexican food and gripes about work. Sometimes we throw in some karaoke, depending on how generous they’re making the margaritas.

Addison “Moe” Porter is a twenty-six year old vet tech, that gets herself into crazy situations and doesn’t always have the most most graceful reactions. She says the things that we have all thought at one time or another. What do you expect from a girl that spends all of her free time with two dudes?

“Oh my God!” I jump up, knocking over my chair. “I, um, I started my period! I have to go!” I grab my purse, avoiding the quizzical stares cast my way only but a moment before they’re once again locked in a circle. Helluva plan Addison, ‘cause calmly saying you had to work in the morning wouldn’t have been graceful.

This is the perfect quickie. This first person narrative told from Addison’s point of view explores the question can friends be lovers? More importantly, can you risk the friendship to be lovers? It’s funny with an awkward sexual tension.

Stirred Up was my first introduction to the writing of S.E. Hall and Angela Graham.  If you only have a couple of hours, this is the perfect book. This one definitely kept me up past my bedtime!