REVIEW: Slip of the Tongue

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By Jessica Hawkins

This book is book one in a duet, but can be read as a stand alone story.

Her husband doesn’t want her anymore. The man next door would give up everything to have her.

Sadie Hunt isn’t perfect—but her husband is. Nathan Hunt has her coffee waiting every morning. He holds her hand until the last second. He worships the Manhattan sidewalk she walks on. Until one day, he just…stops. And Sadie finds herself in the last place she ever expected to be. Lonely in her marriage.

When rugged and sexy Finn Cohen moves into the apartment across the hall, he and Sadie share an immediate spark. Finn reveals dreams for a different life. Sadie wants to save her marriage. Their secrets should keep them apart, not ignite a blistering affair. But while Sadie’s marriage runs colder by the day, she and Finn burn hotter.

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Sadie Hunt has the life she’s always wanted. She has the apartment in Gramercy Park. She has a fashion career that keeps her wardrobe on point. And, she’s lucky in love, married the perfect man. He dotes on her every whim, and the world is a better place because he’s in it. But two months ago he started to pull away and nothing she does can penetrate the wall he is building between them.

Nathan Hunt is the perfect husband. He knows his wife. He knows all of her favorite things, and anticipates her every need. Something is bothering him and it changes his attitude over night. He just needs a little bit of time and space to process his feelings.

Finn Cohen is the new neighbor that just moved in across the hall. He recently upended his life and moved back from the suburbs to the city to pursue his career as a photographer. He’s hot and interesting and interested.

Nate and Sadie have enjoyed five years of marital bliss, but now there is something between them. Sadie doesn’t know what it is and Nate isn’t ready to talk about it. But, the distance between them is growing. When Finn moves in across the hall he and Sadie find an easy companionship right away. Finn is able to give Sadie the attention she is missing from Nate. When the sparks start to fly between them Sadie has to decide if she can fight for the man she’s tied to or start something new with the man who wants her in this story of forbidden love.

April’s Review:

Every now and then you come across a book that gets under your skin. It burrows into your heart with each turn of the page. Slip of the Tongue is one of those books. This love triangle addresses real issues faced by adult contemporary couples without sugarcoating, minimizing or sensationalizing.

Not all couples face the same kinds of obstacles. Things like adultery, abortion, or infertility are some serious issues facing adult contemporary couples. These issues are very sensitive and often downplayed. Hawkins provides a fictional example that acts as a case study for what real life relationships are like. In real life things are not black and white. There isn’t a good guy and a bad guy. In real life everyone makes mistakes, everyone is at fault, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what the right thing is.

Reading this book is a visceral experience and it grates on the nerves in a way I’ve never felt before. One of the hardest things to witness is the unwinding of a relationship. Finding hurt and pain where there was once love is truly a loss. Hawkins shows no sympathy and makes no judgement in Slip of the Tongue. She lets all of her characters sit in a place of utter desperation .

Hawkins creates wonderfully realistic characters that you are drawn to, I adore all of them. Whenever Sadie was interacting with Finn, I was rooting for Nate. But when she was interacting with Nate I was rooting for Sadie. And sometimes, I was mad a Sadie for hurting two really great guys. All of her characters are relatable as opposed to caricatures of we would expect them to be. I’m a little surprised I didn’t connect with Ginger more. Usually the animal in any story is my favorite character.  

I am thrilled that Hawkins has bravely taken on the topic of adultery. It is often considered a black mark in the romance community, and most authors will stay away. Adultery is a real issue that happens everyday. If we talked about it more, maybe those hurt by it would be better equipped to handle it. I wonder if I would have made different decisions in the past if I had seen it from this perspective.

Slip of the Tongue is torturous and beautiful, and it left me with a major book hangover. Since I wasn’t ready to let go of Nate and Sadie and Finn I stopped over at Hawkins website to check out all of her inspiration examples. She’s got a pinterest board and playlist and it all exactly what I pictured. Now, I want to attend a dinner party at Jessica’s house!

Why did we choose this book:

I choose this book in preparation for LoveNVegas 2017. Before the event we made a list of our the authors we wanted to meet and pick one book from each that we wanted to read. Jessica Hawkins was on our list, and that’s how I found ourselves reading Slip of the Tongue.

Jessica Hawkins

About the Author:

Jessica Hawkins is an Amazon bestselling author known for her “emotionally gripping” and “off-the-charts hot” romance. Dubbed “queen of angst” by both peers and readers for her smart and provocative work, she’s garnered a cult-like following of fans who love to be torn apart…and put back together.

She writes romance both at home in the California desert and around the world, a coffee shop traveler who bounces from café to café with just a laptop, headphones, and coffee cup.

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