REVIEW: Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice by Rivi Jacks

By Rivi Jacks

Caitlyn Shaw is an investigative reporter at Query Magazine. She’s just received an assignment to go undercover as a hostess at an exclusive sex club for the wealthy rich and famous. The problem is she doesn’t know what she is looking for. 

I’m not a great reporter, but I am a good investigator. I’m tenacious, and I’ve even surprised myself at how resourceful I can be at getting the information I want. Now, Paul is a great reporter, an excellent writer. He can tell a story in a way that touches readers. We’ve been lucky that Valerie lets us work together, and some of our articles have been good. I owe Valerie, she and I both know it. 

Liam Justice is the mind numbingly handsome owner of an elite private club, the Justice Club. Liam is an alpha male with a dirty mouth. He’s a peculiar and particular man with a painful past. 

When he suddenly stands, my eyes follow him up. He’s tall and broad-shouldered but lean. His t-shirt fits close, outlining an awe worthy chest with pecs defined against the thin material. His arms are nicely muscled, his stomach flat, and his snug jeans hint at muscular legs. When he’s abreast of our table, I look up into sharp blue eyes. 

Jacks offers great character development for all characters, not just the Liam and Cait. The flow of the story is well paced and pleasurable. There are enough details and descriptions to be able to visualize the scene without the inclusion of minutiae that tends to bore. 

Seeking Justice manages to be smart and sexy with plenty of hot sex. Jacks has skillfully provided all the intimate details with only a smattering of vulgarity. 

Buyer beware, there is a cliffhanger. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.