Play Me by Jennifer Probst

by Jennifer Probst

This is the second book in the Steele Brothers series of standalone stories with interconnected characters. 

Sloane Keller is a poker rockstar and Champion of the World Series of Poker tournament, where she earned her nickname “The Queen of the Cards”. She is a strong and confident woman. Anyone can tell all of this from just one look at her. It was her past that made her that way, and her job that keeps her that way. Most men are intimidated by such a strong woman. So when a friend referred her to FANTA-C, what did she have to lose?

Rome met her stare dead on and refused to look away. A few beats passed. Then she turned with a dismissive shake of her head, but he knew she was irritated she’d lost the skirmish. Satisfaction thrummed in his veins. Finally. A woman he could sink his teeth into without worrying if she’d break. 

Rome Steele is the second of the Steele brothers. At his older brother’s encouragement he moved from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, where he deals cards in the prestigious Bellagio. It was also at his brother’s urging that Rome engage the exclusive matchmaking agency FANTA-C.

He moved with a predatory grace that made a slight shiver tingle down her spine. A quick assessment confirmed his body was rock hard, evident in the thin white shirt and black pants he wore. 

A black and gold card with the name FANTA-C and a number. Call the number then burn the card. After an extensive interview process, and no guarantee the company seeks to fulfill one perfect night. FANTA-C is an exclusive fantasy procurement agency connecting people under the premise that it’s just for the night. However, Rome’s brother Rick found his forever this way. 

I have become intrigued by this FANTA-C. I imagine this as a tv series. Each episode will start with the previous client sharing their referral card. We then follow the referee through their fantasy, before passing on their own card, forming a crisscrossing network. There would be a Charlie Townsend, from Charlie’s Angels type of character. I have no doubt the office staff could never be anything short of delectable. 

I am so in love with Rome and Sloane! I was absolutely delighted to encounter such a strong and confident woman and a partner man enough to handle her. It’s a refreshing change from the meek and timid women gracing most of chick-lit these days. I do wish we could have spent a little more time with the dominating and virile Rome, but he seems to be the type that leaves you wanting more. 

This is a quick and sexy read, and since this is only book two in the series there is still the promise of more to come. Are the little brothers of the Steele family so dominating and alpha? One can only hope. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.