REVIEW: Play Dirty

Play Dirty by Jessie K

by Jessie K

This is a full length stand alone.

Matthew Flint is a struggling Broadway actor trying to make it happen. He put everything on the line to try to make it happen. When summer comes and goes without a contract he is forced to do the unthinkable and get a day job. To help ease the pain he takes a job as a drama teacher. Now he can continue to study his craft and shape the minds of the future.

Lynn Viggiani is her high school’s powerhouse drama talent. She can act, and she can sing. She is determined to prove to her family that she has the talent to make a living acting. Before she can do that, she has to make it through her senior year of high school.

Matthew and Lynn are audition partners for the last audition of the season. Afterwords they spend the day together waiting on a call back that never comes. Their day of nerves and jitters turns into a night of passion and release, before they go back to their daily lives. When Matthew starts his first day of teaching at a Staten Island high school he is beyond surprised to see his one night stand sitting in the front row.

I reviewed Book One of Play Dirty several months ago and absolutely loved it. I love Jessie K’s writing style. I loved the story. It felt so real and relatable. As expected, the characters continued to be interesting with a dynamic plot. Book two however provided an unexpected twist. The relationship between a high school girl and a 30 year old teacher was an uncomfortable scenario for me. I understand that there is technically nothing wrong with the scenario. She is 18 which makes it taboo and not illegal, but it still gives me the bad touch feeling. Even though Jesse K’s writing is still impeccable, this one taboo changed the tone of the story for me.