REVIEW: Play Dirty

Play Dirty By Jessie K.

By Jessie K

This is the book one in the Play Dirty series.

Matthew Flint is an actor struggle for his big break on Broadway. After countless auditions and rejections he decided to put it all on the line and put his effort into acting full time. Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution as real life calls and student loans must be payed. If he doesn’t land a part by the end of summer he is going to have to do something drastic, like get a day job.

"As they made their way to the stage, Matthew became acutely aware of the heavy silence in the room. This was his favorite part, the nerves before the leap. When he was a kid, the high dive was his favorite part of the pool. Something about the stomach-dropping fear made him feel strong and powerful. He got a taste of that every time he walked on stage." 

Lynn Viggiani is the fresh faced wannabe actress Matthew has the good fortune to draw as an audition partner. She is young and this is only her second audition. She’s so young she makes Matthew feel like a grandpa in his 29 years. That doesn’t stop him from noticing how beautiful she is and completely losing himself in their onstage kiss. 

"She must be new to the circuit because she was a foreign beauty in the cattle calls. A face as flawless as hers would be worthy of a memory. Plenty of beautiful girls flooded the streets of Broadway, yet they lacked the natural beauty and youth Lynn carried." 

Matthew and Lynn spend the day together waiting for the call back call that may or may never come. As they wait, they entertain each other in a rooftop garden, they even play in an Escape Room. No matter what they are doing neither can forget the anxiety of the call back, or the building sexual tension between them. 

"She hesitated for just a moment, but finally took his hand. He led her through a pair of ivy-covered lattices and rows of bushes dotted with bright flowers, where Lynn named all of them, including their genus, and discussed their origins. He loved this brainy side to her. She was full of amazing depth and sophistication, all of which added to the mindfuck." 

I absolutely adore Jessie K’s writing style. As I read her story I felt like I was watching an Ethan Hawke movie. Or, better yet,  she was a friend telling me about this thing that had happened to her. I can picture the story in my mind's eye, and I feel the emotions the characters feel. I was so stressed while they waited for a call back I even check my phone a few times. 

This is a great story about the less than glamorous side of acting. It’s entertaining and very sensual. It is refreshing to have an erotic story not bathed in dominance or BDSM, as is popular in the genre at the moment.  I am positively beside myself waiting for book two. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.


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