REVIEW: Outskirts

The Outskirts by TM Frazier

By TM Frazier

This is the first book in a duet series.

Sawyer wants a life of her own.

Finn wants to forget he ever had one.

After a tragedy, Finn Hollis escapes into the swamp to be alone.

That is until Sawyer Dixon shows up, all SCORCHING HOT innocence, claiming she owns the land less than fifty feet from his front door.

Sawyer gets under his SKIN, but even worse?

She makes him CRAVE things.

Things Finn hasn’t thought about in a very long time.

Finn WANTS Sawyer gone.

Almost as much as he wants her in his BED.

The swamp is about to get a whole lot HOTTER.

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Sawyer was raised in a radically conservative family with strict rules and not much affection. Her mother dies in a car accident that doesn’t seem all that accidental. The last gift her mother gave her gives her the idea, the means, and most importantly permission to leave her alcoholic father. Sawyer escapes to the sleepy and forgotten swamp town of the Outskirts where she can finally start her own life.

Finn Hollis is from the Outskirts. After suffering a deep loss in his life all he wants to do is escape to his swamp hideaway alone. He’s been alone in his swamp for the last two-year. That’s just the way he likes it, and that’s the way he wants to keep it.

When Finn finds Sawyer camped out in his front yard he is none too happy. She’s encroaching on his land and his privacy. She’s too innocent and too vulnerable and, she needs to go before Finn is the one taking advantage of her.

April’s Book Review:

I adore Frazier’s writing style. She draws you in with her characters, and personified settings, she keeps your attention with her emotionally charged and suspenseful storylines. She has out done herself again in the Outskirts.  

Frazier’s characters are so well written they draw you in so you’re emotionally attached right away. Her characters are always perfectly flawed and relatable. They are smart, and funny, and full of character like you would meet in a small forgotten town. The way you get to know a Frazier character you really get attached. They become friends, and you miss them when they are gone. Sawyer and Finn, Josh and Miller, and even Critter are characters that I really care about. I worry about them, and I know that in the hands of the Frazier anything can happen.

The settings in Fraizer stories are usually these small desolate towns. Where anything and everything goes because most of the world has forgotten about them. She creates these places that I wish I could visit (even though the reality would be much too rough for my prissy self). Outskirts is just one of those towns. It was built with so much hope and promise, then it was quickly abandoned and forgotten. But, the people who remain are the true heart of Outskirts.

Frazier’s story lines are always emotionally charged and suspenseful. She has given you a cast of characters that quickly become friends, put them in an idyllic setting, then like a kid with a snow globe she turns everything upside down. The only thing you can do is hold on and wait to see what happens. There are serious issues addressed in this book. Things like alcoholism, suicide, abuse, and a hint of something even darker. Frazier handles them with care without sugar-coating or pandering. It’s part of why reactions to this story are so visceral.

Aracely and I did a buddy read of this one, and I’m so glad I had her to help me through it. We were texting back and forth encouraging each other as we waited for the pain.

A lot of Frazier’s female protagonists are virginal and innocence (I get it, I’m not mad at her because I’m old). I do hope that one day she writes about a character with a boatload of life experience.

As a duet you may not be surprised to learn that Outskirts ends in a cliffhanger. It’s painful, I’m not going to lie. But, it’s manageable because the painful part is that you have to wait. I’ve already marked my calendar for the release of Outliers, part two in this duet series. I will definitely be DND that day!

Aracely’s Book Review:

Well damn T.M knocks another out of the park. First off compared to her other books this one is lighter. Now I’m not saying that this is a “light” themed book. Her books all deal with sensitive topics. But she approaches these topics with caution and makes it work with the story. The Outskirts deals with abuse and suicide and she handles them well. What I both love and hate about T.M is the big shocker at the end. All through the whole story I’m worried that the big boom is at the next turn. It was nice to have someone who was going through my pain.

Finn is a man with a huge heart who puts walls up to keep the rest of the world out after tragedy struck his life. He thinks that everyone else is better off if he stays hidden away. That is until Sawyer comes along and blows his best laid plan to smithereens.

Sawyer is a girl who comes from an extremely conservative family.  She is a young woman who has never experience the little things that make up a person's life. When she got the chance to run, she hit the ground running and got the hell out of the darkness she once called home.

When these two come together it’s such a great exploration of emotion. You can feel their love pouring off the pages. It’s the type of love that heals old pain. When they finally come together they find a way to move on and be happy. Well that is until T.M. throws a wrench in there.

I connected so well with these characters from the start. I become invest from the very first page T.M. has a way of engaging her readers and not letting go until the very last page.

In true T.M style she leaves us hanging at the end. I was afraid throughout the whole story because I knew it was coming yet I didn’t see the end coming.

T.M’s writing is full of so much emotion; it goes from hate to pain to heartbreak to love. It’s such a wonderful rush reading her stories, scary sometime but well worth it.

Why did we choose this book:

We met at LoveNVegas 2016. It was just before the first Preppy book was released. We were waiting in line to meet the evil ginger. We both love her writing and agreed that anything she writes will always be one-click priority for both of us. We bonded and instantly became book buddies. As soon as Aracely agreed to join the blog it was a no brainer that we would read the recently released Frazier.

TM Frazier

About the Author:

T.M. Frazier is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR best known for her KING SERIES. She was born on Long Island, NY. When she was eight years old she moved with her mom, dad, and older sister to sunny Southwest Florida where she still lives today with her husband and daughter.

When she was in middle school she was in a club called AUTHORS CLUB with a group of other young girls interested in creative writing. Little did she know that years later life would come full circle.

After graduating high school, she attended Florida Gulf Coast University and had every intention of becoming a news reporter when she got sucked into real estate where she worked in sales for over ten years.

Throughout the years T.M. never gave up the dream of writing and with her husband’s encouragement, and a lot of sleepless nights, she realized her dream and released her first novel, The Dark Light of Day, in 2013.

She hit the USA TODAY bestsellers list for the first time with Tyrant in 2015 and her book Preppy Part One, was a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award finalist for best romance.

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