REVIEW: Margaritas by Moonlight: Maybe Mandy 2

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By Chris Genovese

I can't get that wild night at the carnival out of my head.

Braden turned me on in ways I've never experienced before.

A dirty and romantic encounter on a Ferris wheel at its highest point? Classic.

Where do I go from there?

With a little nudging from my two besties, I decided to get away for a little while and head to Cancun.

You know me, I can't seem to keep my pants on whenever I'm around a hot stud. No, I'm not a whore, but I am a modern woman who knows what she wants.

And in Cancun? I wanted Valentino.

Let me tell you all about it in this wild and naughty tale of my trip down south.



Mandy and Braden had an amazing night out. After her break up with a cheating ex boyfriend Mandy’s friends set her up with Braden and they have a night of wild sex on their date at the carnaval. As amazing as Braden is, he doesn’t even live in the same town. Her two besties decide to drag her on a trip to Cancun to help Mandy really let loose.

It’s Cancun, and there are lots of hot guys for the group to have fun with, including a hot flight attendant on the flight out. Not all of the hot guys work out as the sexual conquests they plan. Mandy just might find what she was looking for in the polite and handsome Valentino.

April’s Review:

Margaritas by Moonlight picks up where we left off in the Maybe Mandy series. Although the Maybe Mandy series is an idealized version of single life as a women it is true that sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find an okay maybe kinda guy. It’s a refreshing story because not all relationships have a life and death amount of angst, or end in a together forever with a baby scenario, and that’s not bad. In real life sometimes we connect with people that come into our lives, and then we move on.

This story is still very light and funny, a true pleasure read. It is a little more contemplative as we get to know Mandy, and understand her motivations and a little less sex for sex sake.

I was a little disappointed that the story spent so much time with Mr. Wrong, and so little time with Mr. Right. But, that might be the most realistic point in the whole story. I still hope we get to revisit Mandy and her  men again in the future.

Chris Genovese

About the Author:

Chris Genovese is a romance author. Okay...naughty and wild romance but still romance…why am I writing this in third person? I’m talking about me! How egotistical am I? Geez.

I’m just an average guy. I’m a father of four, a devoted husband, and I absolutely love and cherish my readers, fans, and friends. When I’m not busy having writers’ ADD, meaning I can’t stay focused on one story idea without bouncing around to ten others, you’ll usually find me either hanging out with my family or doing online events and takeovers, where I hang out with my fans, talk dirty, and play wild games. 

I write comedy, horror, dystopian, poetry, and the naughty versions of just about every other genre. I like to say that I take all the genres you love, and I set them on fire. 

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fire every now and then? Especially with some music blaring and a cold beer…see? There I go again. Writers’ ADD.

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