REVIEW: In Pieces

In Pieces by Gia Riley

By Gia Riley

Kinsley West has had a pretty raw deal. Her mother passed away, and her father ran away. Her older brother is now away at college, and her older sister is doing everything she can to make ends meet. She just needs to keep it together through her senior year of high school. Then she can move to New York and go to the Parson School of Design.

‘“Yes, for two long ass years I waited for your brother to go to college. Like I said, he warned us you were off limits. I knew I couldn’t fight him on it-he would have kicked my ass and ruined any chance for us. So, I’ve been biding my time, waiting until the right moment before I approached you.” 

Rhett Taylor is handsome, smart and comes from money. Everyone wants him or wants to be him. All of a sudden he has eyes for Kinsley, the socially unaccepted girl not only at school but around town. Now that her overprotective brother is out of the way nothing is going to stand between Rhett and the girl he wants. 

Combine his personality with his athletic build, killer smile, and tan skin, and you have six feet of male perfection. What girl wouldn’t want to date the hottest guy on the football team? The nerds want to know him, the cheerleaders want to date him, and his friends want to be him. But in my eyes, it’s always gone beyond the physical. Call it a hunch, but I know there’s more to Rhett than he lets the rest of the school see. Problem is, I’m not sure anyone else has even bothered to notice-except for me.  

This book is an emotional rollercoaster. High School is hard enough, caught in the transition between childhood and adulthood. Poor Kinsley has anything and everything thrown at her. Just when she starts to find her footing life throws something new her way. So, like we often do when we are in crisis, Kinsley is waiting for her life to start.

Kinsley’s safe haven is her relationship with Rehett. Even though they are really young, they deal with some pretty serious adult situations and make it through to the other side. Their story is a testament of hope through struggle that most adult relationships could not endure. 

Riley’s writing style is so smooth and fluid, it pulls you into the story. You’ll be emotionally invested in the characters right away, and the hours pass before you even know it.  

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.