REVIEW: Hooking Up

Hooking Up by Helena Hunting

By Helena Hunting

Amalie Whitfield is the picture of a blushing bride during her wedding reception–but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of proclaiming his undying love, her husband can be heard, by Amalie and their guests, getting off with someone else. She has every reason to freak out, and in a moment of insanity, she throws herself at the first hot-blooded male she sees. But he’s not interested in becoming her revenge screw.

Mortified and desperate to escape the post-wedding drama, Amalie decides to go on her honeymoon alone, only to find the man who rejected her also heading to the same tiny island for work. But this time he isn’t holding back. She should know better than to sleep with someone she knows, but she can’t seem to resist him.

They might agree that what happens on the island should stay on the island, but neither one can deny that their attraction is more than just physical. 

Filled with hilariously scandalous situations and enough sexual chemistry to power an airplane from New York City to the South Pacific, Hooking Up is the next standalone, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Helena Hunting, the New York Times bestselling author of the Pucked series and Shacking Up.

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Amalie Whitfiled, often call Amie by her friends has always been something of a troublemaker. Ever her best friends calls her Anarchy Amie. After getting into some serious trouble at the Mexico border Amie is bound and determined to turn things around.

Armstrong Moorehead is well-bred and well off. His family owns Moorehead Media, and Armstrong is in line to take over the business. He’s the type of suitor every girl’s parents want her to marry.

Amie married well. On the day of her wedding, while still in her bridal gown, just hours after binding herself to him, Amie and the rest of the wedding guests hear Armstrong getting off with someone that’s not Amie. What a better way to escape the catastrophic wedding than the pre planned exotic honeymoon?

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April’s Review:

Helena Hunting is an automatic one click author for me. You can always expect there to be hilarity, amazing characters, with a touch of awwww. Hooking Up is everything you’ve come to expect a Hunting story to be.

Hooking up is a super fun story. That first chapter is insane! How do you recover when your new husband gets a blowie at your wedding reception? The best part is the antics don’t stop there. I should know by now that Hunting always has something up her sleeve waiting on the next page.

Amie is a little more tender-hearted of a female main character than I prefer. But, although she may not be as fearless as her nickname Anarchy Amie might suggest, I am so proud of Amei and her toy trunk. Get it girl!

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of interconnected characters. It’s like a chance to catch up with old friends. I missed Bane. Love him! I love him even more given the brotherly relationship. What’s better than a man who can love his brother enough to give him the tough love he needs.

Aracely’s Book Review:

Helena Hunting has been a one-click author for me since Pucked. I love her character and the way I can always relate. More so that these character are from the upper class with parents that want them to follow a certain life plan and act a certain way.

Amie had a wild streak when she was younger and as a series of unfortunate events occur that has her thinking maybe it’s time to rein it in. She has this notion that it is time to become the “lady” her parents raised her to be and to stop dating men who do nothing but get her in trouble or break her heart. But things aren't always as they seem. Hours after Amie marries her “perfect” match she finds out that he was yet another bad decision.

“Someone other than me is blowing my husband at my own wedding. My mortification has no end.”

Throughout the books it seems that she is more angry than hurt about Armstrong cheating. A part of her knew deep down that she didn't love him. She loved the idea of what could be and what she thought her parents would approve of. Bending to Armstrong  will was a small price to pay to finally redeem herself in the eyes of her family. In the ends she has to make the choice of  figuring out if she wants to head in the direction of what everyone else wants or if she makes her path and lives her own life.

Kristen’s Book Review:

Does it need to be said? I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book. What? Did you expect anything different? We are talking about Helena Hunting for crying out loud! The fact that each character is different from the next, shows how real these stories come to life.

Why did we choose this book:

We love Helena Hunting. We were hooked early with the Pucked Series. When we were asked if we wanted to read Hooking Up, we were in the middle of Shacked Up so it was a no brainer.

Who should read this book:

This book is a light read perfect for those not interested in the super angsty reads but still need a touch of drama.  

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

Helena Hunting

About the Author:

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.

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