Enamor by Veronica Larsen

By Veronica Larsen

In a curious twist of events Julia and Giles end up roommates, despite a precarious first encounter. Even though there are the typical growing pains of living with others, They have a lot in common. They were both deeply hurt by people they love and trust. Their relationship moves from precarious to a truce, to friendship. Now they are both working their way through college and trying to move on, maybe their relationship will develop into something more.  

I run my hand over my face, realizing she’s right. I’ve assumed her cousin was female from the moment she mentioned it. I guess I just couldn’t entertain the idea of it being a guy.

The story starts a little slow as Larsen teases the reader into the characters conflicts. If you stick to it, you’ll discover painfully engrossing characters in this love thy neighbor tail. Not only are the characters grappling with their interpersonal struggles, Larsen also intelligently address with some of the more contemporary issues of relationships. Enamor provides commentary for dealing with the internet, social media and privacy. 

Enamor is smart funny and a great example of the issues facing present day relationships.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.