Dare Me by Jennifer Probst

By Jennifer Probst

This is the third book in the Steele Brothers series. 

Summer Preston is the wholesome girl next door. Her demure appearance are only a shell to the budding dominatrix inside. She has always had a difficult time finding compatible partners. Most men don’t seem to be receptive to her kind of kink. But it’s more than that. Summer is looking for a strong man every part her equal...except for in the bedroom. 

Over the years, her luck with finding the correct match on her own proved...difficult. Most men switched from arousal to horror when the caught a glance of her leather catsuit and domineering growl. Pete had lunged for the door so fast he’d literally tripped on the rug and fell face first. 

Rafe Steele is strong and sexy. He is the kind of guy whose control has been tried, tested and proved. He dominates a room just by walking into it. Upon returning from the military, Rafe has decided to join the rest of the family and become a dealer. He moves from Atlantic City to Las Vegas when he receives too much attention for his military honors. Now that he is in close proximity to his brothers, they are anxious for him to try Fanta-C.

Yes, he loved taking orders from a woman, as much as she loved giving them. The problem centered on his acceptance and trust of her as a mistress. She ached to give him what he craved, but first he’d have to submit to his own dark desires. A man used to control and leadership in all other areas of his world would be hard pressed to easily accept such a switch of power even if he wanted to. 

Fanta-C is the exclusive fantasy fullining agency that Rafe’s brothers Rick and Rome used to broker a fantasy fulfilling night. Both brothers ended up connecting with their future brides through the service. Now it’s Rafe’s turn, and he wants to try something he has always wanted but was to afraid to admit...even to himself. 

He chuckled at the look of surprise on her face. “Yep. Better watch out, baby, seems the agency is magic when it comes to the Steele brothers.”

Dare Me is a sexy and enjoyable read. This was my first encounter with a dominatrix, and I do wish more time could have been spent on that topic. Perhaps a little more illustration of how this differs from the traditional depiction of BDSM relationships. With that being said, it does seem to be Probst’s style to leave you wanting more. 
This book is an example of the predicament that the sexually marginalized endure. I had never considered the plights of a dominatrix before. Although, I was not surprised to when Summer had a difficult time finding a submissive partner, especially one so commanding in all other areas. On the other side, the shame Rafe feels for his submission is commentary to the misogyny of our culture.

After having read the first three books I can’t wait to get my hand on the fourth book, Beg Me. I look forward to seeing what Remington is into, and what FANTA-C cooks up for him.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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