Review: Catch Me

Catch Me by Jennifer Probst

by Jennifer Probst

This is the first book in the Steele Brothers series. 

Tara Denton is a broken women in the processes of pulling herself back up. After leaving an abusive relationship she is standing on her own two feet, putting herself through school and putting herself back together. She finally has enough bravery to start taking back her sexuality.

In a few seconds, he summed up her problems immediately. She was a gorgeous woman who didn’t know it. She seemed uncomfortable in her flashy clothes, makeup, and heels. Rick bet she’d be ready to flee within minutes if he didn’t walk over and close the deal. 

Rick Steele is no stranger to heartbreak. He left the familiar comfort of Atlantic City after finding his fiancee in bed with a groomsmen, for the allure of Las Vegas. After his arrival in sin city Rick indulge in the single life, but quickly found emotionless hooking up left him unsatisfied. 

His face was a contradiction of hard and soft with a sloped jaw, slashed cheekbones, and full luscious kissable lips. His green-gold eyes shimmered with heat and intensity. My God, what that man could probably do with a hammer. 

At the encouragement of their friends both Tara and Rick contact Fanta C, the fantasy brokerage firm. The exclusive club offers anonymity, discretion and a fantasy fulfilled. It is through the agency that Tara and Rick are connected, a fragile woman and a soft handed dominant.

Essentially, you give them your fantasy of who you want to spend one night with. Your ultimate thrill. They match you with someone who can fulfill the fantasy.

This book is a great metaphor for the patience required for healing. During their first night together, and even their subsequent courtship Tara is timid and unsure, while Rick is strong, patient and compassionate. Rick’s understanding of Tara’s thoughts and fears help him to comfort her and provide the steady reassurance she needs. Probst has somehow combined a story of survival after abuse and a dominant/submissive sexual relationship into one of the sexiest stories of hope I have ever encountered. I am anxious to see how the other Steele brothers stack up to Rick. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.