Review: Built to Last

Built to Last by Elizabeth Grace

By Elizabeth Grace

Scarlett Deveareux may not have wanted to anything growing up the daughter of a judge and a socialite. But after the tragic car accident that orphaned he, it came to light that her father had bad investments, mortgaged the house and put the family into deep debt.

She’d attended college and pursued a professional career because that’s what a Deveareux did. With her parents’ expectations no longer bearing down on her, she’d decided to pursue her own dream-to run a successful bakery. The feeling of freedom had been accompanied with one of deep, aching loss.

Luke Garrity is living the American dream. He didn’t come from much, but through hard work he built a thriving construction business. He receives an urgent request from a business owner with a construction emergency, only to find out the one in need is the girl that left him a decade ago.

He wasn’t prepared for the-hadn’t expected to be confronting his past this evening-and he didn’t know how to handle it. Ten years worth of emotion was a lot to keep bottled up inside. Memories of the pain and desolation he’d felt when she left made him feel like a shaken-up soda-primed and ready to explode. 

This is a sweet small town, second chance romance story. After years apart Scarlett and Luke find themselves in close quarters. Their physical and emotional attraction still present and compelling. Grace does a wonderful job with an impassioned story and captivating characters. 

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.