REVIEW: Brando

Brando by J.D. Hawkins

By J.D. Hawkins

This is the first part to the Brando story.

Brando Nash is the stereotypical Hollywood. He has money, muscles and women. As an A&R rep (artists and repertoire) he discovers talented musicians and fosters their artistic growth.  He is so good at his job he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Not only his money, he is willing to bet his heart's desire that he can take a nobody to the top of the charts in one month.

I’ve been dealt a good hand. I’m six feet of gym-sculpted muscle, a strong jawline courtesy of Italian ancestry (via Brooklyn, New York), and I’ve got my dream job of being an A&R man at one of LA’s hippest labels. I’be come a hell of a long way, and there’s a hell of a lot to forget before I start taking it for granted. 

Haley Grace Cooke is the small girl with the big dream. Not to be famous and rich, but to make music instead of coffee. In an ironic twist of events it’s the fact that Haley doesn’t stand out from a crowd that gets her noticed. 

All I see are a bunch of messy brown curls hunched over a beat-up old acoustic guitar. She’s meek. Soft. Her voice barely cuts through the noise of the club. I step forward, straining to hear about the chatter of people ignoring her. Gently plucked guitar strings, a delicate low voice that she seems almost shy of, burying it in the chords. I catch a glimpse of her face between the riotous strands of her hair. Pearly skin, smooth and light, and she’s so nervous that she can’t lift her eyes up from her strumming fingers for more than a moment at a time. 

This is a pygmalion story. Brando is the artist molding Haley into the musical star like a sculptor shaping marble. It is through their very electric connection that Haley is able to transform into the star Brando had intended.  

“You’re not really nervous,” he smiles. “I can tell. you’re growing. Haley, coming into your own, turning into something amazing.”

This book is completely charming, much like Brando. With rock star romance a genre unto itself it a great change of pace to see the other side of the music industry. It’s also HOT from the word go. The prologue couldn’t get any hotter.

I’ve never met J.D. Hawkins, I’m not even really sure what he looks like. But, I feel like we go way back. Hawkins doles out hangovers (book hangovers that is) better than any bartender I know. In true Hawkins form he has left us with a cliffhanger. My happy dance post download was interrupted by the realization of the impending book hangover. Not to mention the emotional rollercoaster I was about to experience. If I ever do meet Hawkins, I hope he lets me pay him back with a hand full of shots.

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An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.