REVEIW: Her Russian Returns

Her Russian Returns by Red Phoenix

By Red Phoenix

This is book 15 in the Brie’s Submission Series


Rytsar Durov should be dead.


But in the BDSM world, loyalties run as deep as kinky passions.

Sir Thane Davis is determined to save his Russian brother, but must call on his friends at the Center to execute the plan.

Clinging to hope, Brie trusts the sexy sadist will keep his promise to her.

Rytsar is not a man to go down easily, but a sacrifice must be made if he is to survive...


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Rytsar Durov, Anton, is a Russian sadist with deep ties and dark fetishes. He has familiarized himself to the group at The Center, but now he will finally find out what being a family is all about. Years ago, his own flesh and blood cast him out, leaving his BDSM gang to step up and fight for his life.
Rytsar has found himself in a cold dark dungeon that he is not the master of. Starving, broken and near death an unlikely furry friend finds him and helps him hold on a little longer, until someone of the human persuasion can come set them both free.
Now healing back on the state's with Thane and Brie, Rytsar is determined to prove his honor, worth and loyalty.

Kristen’s  Review:

Red Phoenix is a goddess!!! *bows down*. I fell in love with this series a few months ago. I was so shocked, turned on and entranced by the intense BDSM submissive schooling Brie goes through I'm the first three books.
Red keeps us on our toes with this book. Her Russian Returns is #15 in the Brie's Submission series, they cannot be read out-of-order or as a standalone. However, you can start the series with Teach Me.
Anton Rytsar is our main man in this book, and we follow his journey out of kidnapping, through the beginning of his healing and it set the scene for more action packed drama coming in boom #16, In Sir's Arms.
The book did jump from past and present and it wasn't broken up well, making it hard to understand where we were at times.
Cannot wait for you to love Red Phoenix like I do and dive into this series.

Why we chose this book:

Red Phoenix writes authentic BDSM novels. After falling in love with these characters,  I had to bring it into the blog and keep going.

Who should read it:

You should read this book if you have already started the series of Brie's Submission and are interested in the BDSM theme.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

Red Phoenix

About the Author:

Red Phoenix is an award-winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie's Submission.

To join in the Brie experience begin with Teach Me, Book #1 and start your journey into a sensual world...