REVIEW: Pitching to Win

Pitching to Win by Carrie Aarons

by Carrie Aarons

This is the first book in the Over the Fence series of standalone stories with interconnected characters.

Minka Brazton is self sufficient, smart and snarky, but also shy. As the police chief’s daughter you kind of have to be. Police chief’s daughter or not high school in a small town was pretty rough Minka. Surviving with diligent studies and her two best friends Chloe and Kelsey. 

Mitchum, North Carolina is the picturesque upper-middle-class suburb. With its tree-lined main street and Ivy League-producing high school, this was every couple’s dream from the moment that doctor put a bouncing baby in their arms. 

Owen Axel is Mitchum, North Carolina’s superstar athlete golden boy. Now the star pitcher at Grover University, he’s attractive and popular and on his way to the big league. His dad Carl Axel, a Hall of Fame baseball god is there to push his son to greatness, no matter what it takes. 

Standing before me is a guy so devastatingly handsome, it’s becoming increasingly harder to breath. It feels like my brain is short circuiting as I drink him in. He towers above me at six foot three, and that wasn’t a guess because I’d studied this particular human at length. 

Owen’s back from college for the summer and he has big plans, parties and girls. During the kick off party of the summer he notices Minka. For some reason his charm seems to be lost on her and to Owen’s dismay Minka wants nothing to do with him. Too bad she is now all he can think about. 

She has such interesting ticks; the way she tucked her hair behind her ears every 10 seconds, how she blinked those long lashes whenever she looked another direction the way she chewed her ring finger when she was nervous. Minka has so many movements, all I wanted to do was sit there and study them forever. 

Carrie Aarons’ Pitching to Win is fun and fast read. As a sports story I was hoping for some funny locker room banter. I also felt that the conflict was a little underdeveloped. 

I did fall in love with the characters.  Owen’s mom Raquel is like Gloria Pritchett from the show Modern Family. She’s beautiful, intuitive and mothering bordering on smothering. I really appreciate how real, honest and sometimes clueless Owen could be. There is just something about guys that age. They are unfledged with a one track mind. The same goes for Minka. For a high school senior she is incredibly responsible (having only one parent will do that to you) but at the same time she is emotionally immature.  The couple also spends hours bingeing on Netflix. What could be more real than binge watching Netflix?

Check out this excerpt from Pitching to Win.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.