Unbroken by Riley Edwards

By Riley Edwards

Five years after my husband’s brutal murder, I am still trying to piece my life back together.

A series of disastrous events sends, not only my life but my son’s life into peril. With everything spiraling out of control, and our safety on the line, I have no choice but to ask my longtime friend, Reid for help.

I realize my mistake too late. Reid is all in, and is taking over my life completely. He looks at me like a woman, not a widow or a mother. He makes we wish for things I know I shouldn’t have.

Just when he opens my eyes to the world around me, and I see the man that has been standing right in front of me all these years - it’s too late. One kiss is all I am allowed before my life takes another painful twist and all thoughts of happiness are torn from my reach.

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Unbroken by Riley Edwards

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