EXCERPT: His Young Queen

His Young Queen by Tiff P. Raine

By Tiff P. Raine

Her mother’s drug addiction forced Tish O’Malley to grow up too early. It forced the two of them to move around constantly, so that no place felt like home. When the clouds finally parted and Tish found shelter and happiness for the first time in her life, her mother’s addiction was there to take that away, too.

After three long years, Tish’s sun returns to Queen Creek, and her secret love for this man nearly twice her age surges and is revealed when she makes an offer that shocks them both. An average man would have difficulty passing on a young, innocent woman willing to do anything to please him. How will a fierce alpha biker who has spent the last thirty-six months in prison fare?

Pretty damn well, Tish soon discovers. Because he’s Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan, the Steel Jackals’ viciously loyal Sergeant at Arms. But will Tish’s protector have what it takes to stand by his instant and brutal rejection of the woman she’s become? Or will he cave despite his best efforts to resist the one female who should never have made it on his radar?

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His Young Queen by Tiff P. Raine


He slammed his palms down on her dresser, rattling everything on the surface. His muscles rippled under his skin, as though he was holding himself back from lunging at her. “Lose. The. Clothes.” His tone and demeanor brooked no argument, so, with modesty lying dead in the dirt somewhere that wasn’t here, she took the bottom edge of her tank in her hands. “Slowly,” he reminded her.

She blinked her wide eyes and nodded, and bit by bit drew the thin material up to reveal her navel, the curve of her waist, her ribs, and finally, her bare breasts. She pulled it over her head and felt her still damp hair fall all around her, the ends reaching her lower back. Dropping the shirt, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her UoPX shorts and shimmied them down her hips. They fell the rest of the way by themselves because they were the loose athletic kind. She cupped her hands over her breasts—she just wasn’t confident enough not to—as she stepped to the side, but couldn’t resist hooking her big toe in the waistband of her shorts and kicking them up so they hit Josh in the chest. Her lip curved at the corner when he let them fall to the ground without moving a muscle.

“More?” she asked, pressing her hands tighter to her chest so he wouldn’t see them shaking. His hooded gaze passed over her plain black thong a few times as it roamed the length of her body.

“Shh.” He stretched the sound out and continued to take her in from her head to her toes, a predatory gleam lightening his gold eyes. “You’re un-fuckin’-believable. Drop your hands for me.”

It took her a few seconds before she could. But after bringing her arms to her sides and clenching and unclenching her fists, unsure what to do with them, she brought them back up as a makeshift bra.

His face softened. “Such a sweet little thing,” he murmured.

She dropped her eyes and chewed at her lip, feeling anxious at the thought of baring herself completely. “Should I continue?”


The guttural tone had her head coming back up. It seemed to have come from someone else. Someone dark and dangerous. Someone she should run from. She didn’t. She simply continued to stand there while the man she loved looked her over, so thankful she’d never suffered from body issues. Not that she thought she was perfect; her hips were a little wide, her thighs too soft, her breasts a smidge too small. But she’d never dwelled on any of it. She’d been too busy focusing on more important things. Her education. Budgeting to make sure she could afford tuition. Finding a job that didn’t interfere with her studies. Making a better life for herself because she knew no one else was going to do it for her.


She turned.

“Slowly,” he barked, sounding vicious.

She shivered and smiled, loving that she was able to bring that fierceness out in him, and he saw that when she eventually came back around to face him.

“You enjoying yourself, Tish? Feels good to light a man up, huh? You wait till I get my hands on you. I’ll show you what lit up feels like. I’m gonna make you fuckin’ glow, little girl.”

“Now?” she asked, so hopeful. She checked to make sure he was ready, and quaked where she stood when she noted his erection looked bigger than it had a few minutes ago. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. Until he moved.

“Not yet.” He licked his lips as he approached her. “I have to do something I should have done before things got this far. Goes to show what an asshole I am that I neglected the first thing they teach in Seduce the Virgin 101. Now, give me that fuckin’ mouth.”

He reached her, and she stood on her toes to offer herself to him without hesitating.

He briefly continued to torment her by pulling his head back so he remained just out of her reach. “Such a good little listener,” he mused, right before he jerked her against him and sealed his warm mouth to hers.

His Young Queen By Tiff P. Raine
Tiff P. Raine

An award winning, bestselling romantic suspense author turned erotic romance author, Tiff P. Raine writes about her possessive alpha males and their spirited women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. And, yes, she is a happily a reclusive cat-lady, but currently has only one beauty of a feline to keep her company.


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