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Where did your love of reading start?

I've always been an avid reader. My mom says its because she would always read to me when I was young. She likes to tell this story about one day when I was particularly fussy. As a young mother she didn't know what to do. So, she picked up a book and started reading, and I shut right up. From then on any time I started crying she would read to me...anything she could get her hand on.

Then in grade school Pizza Hut had a program called Book-It. Every time you read five books you would get a free personal pizza. The class had a goal of total books to read, and once that goal was reached the class would get a pizza party. That was the real prize. Inevitably not everyone would participate. So I would read extra books to ensure our class would have a party. Pizza Hut still has this program today. 

What kind of stories/books do you like?

What makes a book for me is a connection with the characters. They don't always have to be dramatic, they don't always have to be romantic. What is really important for me are characters I can connect with. For me it doesn't matter how interesting the story line, if I can't care about the characters, I'll lose interest quickly. 

Why do you read romance?

There is so much to love about romance. The genre is so big and wonderful. Anything you can dream up you can find in the romance section. What I love about romance is that you are guaranteed an emotionally satisfying ending. That's not something you get from real life. 

What's your favorite sub-genre?

My favorite sub-genera is romantic suspense. I like the possibility that just about anything can happen next. The best stories are usually the ones that you never see coming. But, after an angsty and emotional read I usually need to follow that up with a fun rom-com.

Why did you start the Reading After Dark book blog?

I thought it would be a great outlet to share my book passion. My friends were getting tired of listening to me go on and on about fictional characters. I was reading six or seven books a week. And the characters, I felt so connected to the characters they felt like friends. At first my RL friends entertained me. They would read the books I recommended and we could talk about them, but they had full lives, and it would take them weeks to finish one story. I just needed someone to share these amazing stories with. Someone (I don't even know who) suggested I start a blog. I hesitated for while, because really who cares what I think. And then I read the book King by TM Frazier...

This book got to me. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. It was dark and dirty, and really just about anything could happen next. And...I had no one to talk to about it. That didn't stop me. I told anyone that would sit still long enough all about Doe, and Brantly, and Bear, and Preppy (oh Preppy). So finally while I waited for book two in the series I started a blog. 

At first the blog was intended to be more like a journal. I figured I'd just record my thoughts, and when someone did ask me about the books I liked I'd have a something to share with them. Then a tour company asked me if I'd like to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and I thought um books. Then authors started to reach out to me. We could connect about their books. I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the beta reading process.

Now I get to attend book events and have a community of book lovers to talk about books with. Aracely join the team so now I even have a blog buddy. I guess I've come full circle, and the blog has created the community I was always looking for. Little did I know how epic the book community is. I've made some awesome friends, attended some really cool events, and read some amazing books. My love for books has taken me on an adventure in more ways than one.

Blogger with Reading After Dark book blog

Where did your love of reading start?

When I was eight years old a certain book came out that many of my classmates were reading. The only problem was that I was below the reading level to read it. Since my mom didn't read English I didn't even have anyone that I could ask to read it to me. So I did the only  thing that I could. I began reading books at my level in order to get there. I would go to the school library and read hours on end until I was reading above my reading level. Which in hindsight was the idea only problem was the huge TBR list that came along the way. I became a scholastic junkie and devoured every Lurlene McDaniel and Judy Blume book I could get my hands on. In the end I never did read that book, to this day Harry Potter is still on my TBR (don't tell JPM). My love of books has only gotten stronger since.

What kind of books/stories do you like?

I love books where the characters finds the power in them to move on from their demons in order to truly  fall in love. The greatest books I've read are the ones where the dragon is taken down. The ones where the dragons are the the walls we build to keep the hurt in and people out. When we see those walls broken down and the real fight for love begins.

Why do you read romance?

I love romance because it shows us that even the most broken of people can find their true happiness. It give me hope that things won't be perfect but it will perfect for me.

What's your favorite sub-genre?

My top favorite subgenre are romantic comedy, dark romance, paranormal romance, sport romance and new adult.

Why did you want to join the Reading After Dark Book Blog?

I decided to join Reading After Dark blog because I fell in love the with the book community and wanted to be more than a reader. I want to help people find their next great read. I've learned that reviews are important not just for the readers but for the authors as well. I am so excited to be part of this blog and can't wait to make my mark on the book world.

Kristen with Reading After Dark

Where did your love for reading start?

Jr. High. I was actually not doing so well in my Reading and Strats class, we were able to read book and wrote book reports for extra credit, and I brought my grade from failing, up to an A by doing it. ;)

What kind of stories/books do you like 

I love... love. My books can be something as light and east as a close knit family. Or as hard and deep as a Dom head of cuffs for his sub. 
Connection and passion, is a must!

Why do you read romance? 

It fills my heart with goodness that this world lacks many days. 
I don't watch the news, and I'd rather escape to somewhere more pure.

What’s your favorite subgenera?

Oh my land. Cowboys, sports, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, mm, mfm, erotic, contemporary, erotic. 
As long as it gives you the feel goods (or you give it to yourself ;) I'm totally for it all!

Why did you want to join the Reading After Dark Book Blog? 

I want to gush books! I love meeting people who love the same books as me... did we just become besties??... and it's such a big deal to me getting out these fabulous authors names. I like the small but mighty feel of the blog, and it's a great learning experience!